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Rethinking space with Tamara

Tamara wanted to reorganize her home. It is quite large and spacious though filled with years of accumulated belongings. One room, which she wants to designate as the family room, was filled with found furniture, and old fridge, a folded ping pong table and various art supplies.

My goal with Tamara was to help her to define what she wanted for each room and how best to organize it. What needed to stay and what needed to go. The fridge in her kitchen was old and the stored one was newer so she will switch those and get rid of the older one. Better fridge, opening more space!

Here are her comments:

"I loved our time together- You won't recognize the family room - garden room. Just the thought that I should only keep what I love was a wonderful focusing device and worth the whole consultation!

I also loved the suggestion to make my study more of an art space. All the sewing stuff is already up there and all my painting things. Slowly sorting through and getting rid of a lot of the paperwork though it will still have to be my office as well. I will go for the package-working more hours with you… Just want to do a bit more of the clearing work first and then we can really see where we are."

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