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Spatial Organization with Esther

Spatial Organization with Esther

March 14, 2014

This morning I worked with Esther. She recently renovated her 2 bedroom+ apartment. The kitchen was just finished this week. Not knowing where to put everything back, she Esther called me.

During our 90 minutes together we were able to go from room to room and discuss what she was thinking and were where to put everything. A space that had been an office - full of papers and files - which she never uses, we turned into a sitting area. Putting all that office stuff in a small room at the back of her guest room hidden away was a great idea for her.

We turned her dining room table in another direction giving more room and activating the space. In he Essther’s guest room she had a light fixture much more suited to be over her dining table and the one in the dining room worked great in the guest room. Just switching them saved her time and money and created the look and feel she wanted.

In her Esther’s bedroom we simply moved her bed over a few inches to be centered on the wall and under her paintings and wow, what a difference. It is so exciting to hear a squeal of excitement "I love it and I never thought of that!.” It’s amazing how small movements can activate space and pull rooms together.

We also created a more cozy reading area in Esther’s bedroom by switching the location of the bookcase and clearing off some space to give the room a cleaner and more open feeling.

In her new kitchen we talked about where to place things. I reminded her that both the flow in the movement and where things are stored are the key elements in a well-functioning kitchen. Things you use less - up high. Things you use often – close by, like pots near the stove.

In the living room, we measured the area for a new "L" shaped couch and talked about colors. I suggested that she paint one wall a nice rust to tie in all her painting sand furnishings together.

It was a pleasure to help Esther We both got excited and she was ever so grateful.

She wrote to me after:

"Thank you thank you thank you. It was a great use off my time and brain energy and I so appreciate it.

You looked at my bedroom and were able to move a few items in a way that I never would have imagined and the entire energy of the room changed for the better.

You were patient, non judgmental and provided excellent advice in a way that was empowering and made me feel great about my space.

You are a joy to work with! Your calm and gentle demeanor enabled me to think creatively about change and new energy for various spaces in my apartment".

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