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How can I help you? 


I was a great babysitter. After putting the kids to sleep, I would set out to clean up and have the house look and feel refreshed when the parents came home. I was a pretty sought after! 


I graduated from Pratt Institute's school of Art & Design in 1992. Not long after, I moved to Jerusalem and opened up my ceramic studio where I continure to teach and create. Along with my creative work, I have shared my knowledge of design, my feel for space and color, and my large knowledge of resouces with my dear friends in their homes. Now, as a professional interior designer, I am making my service available to you too. 


During my "down time" in the ceramic business, I love to wander around the Talpiot industrial area looking in tile shops, lighting and fabric stores etc. to get inspiration and interestingly, to clear my mind. 


As you will read on the "What people say" page, I have used my skills to make living spaces more than just rooms to eat and sleep in, but homes with color, good energy and funtional space...a house that feel great to come home to. 


Whether it is helping you: reorganizing your home, shop for furniture, finding light fixtures or tiles, deciding on wall colors, arranging your existing furniture, or full service interior design or project management,  I am at your service. 

Your home is where you rest your soul. 


Let me share with you my passion for creating a home that feels good, looks

good and expresses who you are. 


I am


about space and the energy created between objects and people. 

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