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Personal. Professional. Aesthetic. 

"When we wanted to renovate our new home in Nachlaot, we contacted Mallory and found her to be organized, artistic, contracted very good people, came in on time, on budget, and was a pleasure to work with. In short she was a one-stop shop for our complete re-design for the kitchen and other areas.


Always patient, always clarifying and using her computer programs, she also outlined every other room in the house which allowed us to pick exactly what would fit in each room knowing ahead of time that it would absolutely work.


She communicated the whole process with us as it was happening, as we were mostly in the US. Every detail was handled by Mallory while communicating everything to us. 


During the process many issues occurred that needed artistic changes, infrastructure changes, carpentry, and electrical changes. Mallory’s unique ability to combine artistic with a detail oriented approach is unique in the industry". 


Eric and Elaine Gerstenfield

"Mallory's imagination, eye and impeccable taste allowed her to transform my office into a collaborative, inviting, and warm space that inspires connection and creativity.  She took the message I wanted to convey and translated it into design, all with a shoestring budget. It was a pleasure working with her!".

Leon Morris

Director Pardes Institute

​​"My family took a last minute trip to the States and shortly before our departure we were told that the house we were living in was sold and that we would need to be out before our return date. After finding a new place, we packed up all of our boxes and moved them to the new house just before flying out that night. I dreaded coming back to the task ahead of me. Boxes, boxes everywhere. We arrived on a Thursday night. I awoke sick the next morning and couldn't face unpacking before Shabbat. Mallory came out and saved the day. She quickly, efficiently and joyously unpacked the necessities, put them away and made the perfect, comfortable space for us to enjoy Shabbat in our new home".


Shoshana Gugenheim - Moshav Aviezer

"Mallory was a G-dsend when it came to setting up our new apartment. She came over to consult on colors, where to hang pictures and most importantly to help us buy a couch. She took measurements, made suggestions on shape, size and color and because my husband and I were working way too many hours, she even went from store to store to seek out the perfect couch for us. And it was ON SALE to boot!


If it weren't for Mallory we would probably still be sitting on the floor. She made what is usually a stressful decision an enjoyable and easy experience."


Rhonda Adesky, Jerusalem

"When I started to renovate my kitchen, I wanted to add something personal and colorful to the tiles. I contacted Mallory, a friend who has done a few ceramic projects for me in the past, to come up with a small mural. We decided together to use the ideas from the artwork I love near my kitchen. Mallory was able to bring color, life, and a feeling of Jerusalem into my home. It makes me feel good every day when I am this space"! 

Lisa Barkan  - Jerusalem

"I have been working with Mallory Serebin on a number of house projects....a big picture hanging project, buying rugs, choosing colors to paint accent walls, creating a familly photo wall.

Mallory is by profession a ceramist.  She has a studo in Talpiot and also gives classes for adults and children.  But she's also an artist and a designer.  

I've known Mallory for many years.  I started working with her a number of months ago.  We had painted the whole house last year and never re-hung a single picture!  I was overwhelmed.  I also knew I needed to re-think what to hang where,what not to re--hang, what to frame/re-frame, etx.   It's been a lot of fun working with her.  I didn't want to hire an 'interior decorator.'  That's not my style.  But I needed help and working with Mallory has been fun and VERY productive. She keeps me moving along.

 She's also got great resources for a carpenter, painter etc., etc."


Audrey Scher  - Jerusalem

​​"I have been working on my dream home for a number of years. I have always loved being surrounded by color and beauty and sought out Mallory to help me execute my vision. She quickly learned my style and needs and worked with me to create a tranquil yet expressive environment for my family that we absolutely love.


And importantly, Mallory was such a pleasure to work with...warm, decisive, found affordable solutions, and with an exceptional eye for space and design".


Lynne Weinstein  - Jerusalem

קניתי דירה חדשה לי ולמשפחתי" ומלורי היקרה עזרה לי לתכנן ולעצב את הפרטים הקטנים: צבעי קירות מיוחדים, תכנון רהיטים, העמדת הפריטים שכבר היו ברשותי ועוד. היא עשתה כל דבר במחשבה ובטוב טעם, והתוצאה נהדרת! כיף היה לי לעבוד איתך, מלורי ותודה
מעומק הלב. שרון ארנון לב-רן

Sharon Lev-Ran  - Jerusalem

"Mallory was a lifesaver.  When our container arrived from the States I had about a week to set up our house before my family moved in and the kids started school.  Mallory arrived on the scene with a smile on her face and ready to get to work.  She quickly helped me unpack boxes and set up the childrens' rooms so that they would feel a sense of being "at home" when they arrived.  She systematically helped me create order, think through the flow of the furniture, and identify what additional pieces I would need to feel at home in our new apartment.  She also was an incredible personal shopper - suggesting a cupboard for a pantry, bookcases and a breakfront for the living room which enabled us to settle in much faster than I could have imagined.  Her practical know-how mixed with her artistic sensibilities enabled us to create a home which is warm and vibrant and in which everything has its place".  


Dasee Berkovitz and Leon Morris Jerusalem

"I loved working with Mallory.  She always knew how to hold my hand when it came time to make decisions. She was there to help design the kitchen, choose colors, remember all the little details when doing renovations in Israel.  As a newcomer to Israel, it was important to have someone who knew the 'lay of the land' and could get me to the right stores to see the various product that needed to be bought.


She also had a great team - contractor and carpenter who were outstanding.


Kol Hakavod - I have a beautiful home thanks to you!"


Carol and Marc Goldberg, Jerusalem

"I’ve known Mallory for many years, and seen her talent and versatility in the ceramic arts but I have never seen Mallory in action as an interior designer until she walked into my house this past August.


What she found was messy and muddled and overcrowded. I couldn’t “see my way” to clarity. Clarity, comes effortlessly to Mallory. Clarity is Mallory’s middle name.

I did trust her clarity and her superb aesthetic sense and as she reshuffled and  the existing furniture, It was a space that suddenly felt good to be in, nurturing and spacious and wonderful. 


I found Mallory gentle and considerate to work with and grew to have huge respect for her aesthetic taste. Most of all, in bring the home environment into alignment with clarity and aesthetic integrity, she first gave me hope, and then brought clarity to my mind". 

Aloma Halter, Jerusalem 

"When we moved into a small, nearly underground home we saw that it had enough character to become a sweet charming space. With Mallory’s talents and keen eye, she choose wall colors that  bouncing off each other with softness and joy. A perfect combination for feeling warmly at home. The underground feeling was removed and replaced with Mallory's sense of design. Together we selected paint colors, furniture and uniquely hand crafted pottery made by Mallory herself. I thoroughly enjoyed this creative, effortless project of love. Guests and friends always remark on its beauty!!!!"

Heidi Fleiss Lawrence - Jerusalem 

"I commissioned Mallory for the job of transforming my mother’s room in a seniors residence from a teeny-tiny bland room into a comfortable and welcoming living space. Mallory took on the task with gusto.  First she determined my mother's taste...Mallory is an excellent listener.  With that as her launchpad, Mallory sought out and collected furnishings, accessories, and everything one could possibly imagine my mother would need or want to make her room functional, comfortable, and beautiful.  Mallory has a unique combination of exquisite taste and a sensible practicality.  She has wonderful ideas and vision. She is sensitive to her clients' wishes and adheres strictly to timelines (and ours were very tight).  She keeps impeccable records and accounts for every expense.  The results were fabulous.  Mom walked into her room for the 'reveal' and felt like a Queen.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with Mallory and when my head hits the pillow at night, I sleep well knowing my mother is surrounded by beauty and tranquility and is well cared for".
Golda Steinman - Jerusalem 

​​"We recently bought our first apartment, which was in need of a total overhaul. Mallory helped me conceptualize what needed to be done. First, took me shopping for tiles, sinks, counters, and lighting, and helped me figure out what colors would look best on the walls. In addition to Mallory’s amazing eye for design and color, she is incredibly good at figuring out how to organize a new home. The day after we moved in, we were buried in boxes and overwhelmed at the chore of making order out of the mess. Mallory rapidly helped us sort through things and tamed the chaos. Her rare combination of skills – artistic but organized – allow her to offer an invaluable service to anyone in the process of moving, renovating, or setting up home".


Ilene Prusher Carmi - Jerusalem

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